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Speak Out.

" The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."

Martin Luther King, Jr

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EARS Adoptions Meet & Greet Happens at the Englewood Pet Supermarket. Twice A Month.

EARS retrieve dogs from as far away as Miami-Dade,
Hillsborough, Broward and Collier County shelters.
From Their Web Site

Please Make Sure That These Shelters Directors Know The True Nature Of EARS, By Sending Them Our Web Site. via email or

Posting And Or Writing a Review On Their facebook Page.
Please Call These Shelter Directors And Let Them Know How You Feel.


Dear Animal Lovers of The World

The Time to act is now. Let your outrage be heard.
Let the blind support of insanity, for EARS Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary, in Englewood , Florida, stop now.

The boxes below are all clickable links to the people who have a hand in this tragedy and or can put a stop to it.

Enlighten them of EARS true nature by calling them, emailing them , posting and or writing a review on their facebook page.

Leave the cold hard facts behind by posting our web site.

Let the cold hard facts speak for themselves and just maybe we can
stop the blind support of insanity, for EARS Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Englewood Florida and hold them accountable for their past and present actions for using voiceless animals
to further their endeavors of deception.

Godspeed To Us All

Call Or Email the FOX 13 Investigates Team:


Politicians and Government Agencies

" Some small adoption groups choose to act as brokers, by taking small adoptable dogs, often purebred from shelters in other areas of the state or even the entire country,and actually selling or adopting them for exorbitant fees."

Phil Snyder, Executive Director: Suncoast Humane Society

Sarasota Herald Tribune

The Boca Beacon

Please Make Sure These Media Companies Know Your Outrage About The True Nature Of EARS,

By Posting Our Web Site

and a Review On Their facebook Page About Their Support of EARS.

If enough people post our web site on their review page they will have to look inside themselves to see if they wish to continue to support such a organization like EARS with such National public outrage brewing.


EARS is safe guarded and protected by the local media and the good old boy network.

It does not have to be this way. Yet its up to you.